How Does a Contactless Debit Card Work?

Learn more about the benefits of paying with a contactless debit card from Amplify Credit Union.

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Updated at December 6th, 2022

Over the past few years, contactless debit cards have become an important part of the checkout experience across the State of Texas. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Amplify Credit Union is now offering contactless technology as a standard part of our debit card experience. In this article, we’ll answer a few questions about contactless technology and explain why Tap to Pay might just be your new favorite Amplify feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contactless debit cards are the fastest way to pay.
  • Contactless technology uses one-time codes to keep your payments secure.
  • Look for readers with the EMVCo Contactless Indicator ().

What are the benefits of a contactless debit card?

The primary benefit of contactless payments is speed. With a contactless debit card, you can make a payment with a tap of the card, reducing the amount of time spent waiting for a payment to process. This can be particularly useful in environments where speed is particularly beneficial, such as food trucks, outdoor markets, or stadiums – and comes with the benefit of a more sanitary checkout experience for those who practice extra care in public spaces.

Are contactless payments secure?

Yes. Contactless debit cards use short-range radio frequencies to transmit a one-time-only code between your card or mobile device and the card reader. This makes it extremely difficult for any bad actors to access your card information. MasterCard provides the same Zero Liability Protection for unauthorized transactions and the contactless feature guards against double payments.

How do I know if a merchant accepts contactless payments?

You can identify a checkout terminal that accepts contactless payments by looking for the EMVCo Contactless Indicator (). This icon lets you know that a terminal or card reader will accept contactless payments. If you add your Amplify debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, you can also use the contactless payment function to pay using your phone or Apple Watch.

How close do I need to hold my card to a contactless reader?

MasterCard recommends holding your card “within an inch or two of the contactless symbol” on the card reader. If you keep your Amplify card in a wallet or cell phone case with additional contactless cards, please remove your card prior to paying. This will prevent the payment from being applied to the wrong card (or processed by two separate cards).

Do I need to enable contactless payments?

Contactless payments are a permanent feature of your card. They will always be on and ready to go.

If my debit card is lost or stolen, how do I get a replacement?

If your debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us at (855) 943-4294 as soon as possible to begin the replacement process. You can also reference our How to Report a Lost Debit Card or Credit Card article to learn more about the debit card reissue process. In case of emergencies, you can also visit an Amplify Credit Union branch to have a contactless debit card reissued by our team.

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